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    As of January 2013, I am no longer accepting new bookings due to a pending move. If you need any recommendations for other family photographers in the DC metro area, please contact me and I will send you the contact information for a few fantastic options. Thanks!


Big News for 2013

It is with mixed emotions that I write to tell you all that I am no longer accepting new bookings.  My husband and I are moving to Maryland this spring to be closer to his job, and after many sleepless nights tossing and turning, going over different scenarios of what to do with my business and whether to re-start it in Maryland, I’ve decided that I will not be re-establishing my business there in the near future.

This decision was not an easy one.  As I pored over all of my options, I couldn’t help but be reminded (déjà vu!) of the decision to pursue a photography career in the first place.  It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make – leaving a secure job that provided me a lot of growth and promotion potential to begin something I had no experience in at all!  Looking back, I’m more shocked now than ever that I actually went through with it!  And I’m glad that I did.  I surprised myself in ways I didn’t know possible.  I’ve run a successful business and have had many happy clients along the way, who have graciously invited me into their homes – their families – at some of the most important times of their lives.  I’ve so much enjoyed watching clients’ children grow up over the past few years.  I have loved more than anything that I’ve had many repeat clients.  Their continued trust in me to capture special points in their lives was reassurance that all I’ve worked for was paying off.

But I’ve found that the decision to “shut down” my business is probably even more difficult than the choice to open one in the first place!  There are so many factors involved, but the most important one has to do with spending time with my husband.  Over the past few years, I found that with his demanding work schedule (and very long commute!) during the week, and my need to be available to clients in the evenings and on weekends for meetings and sessions, it was difficult at many points to find time to spend together!  And so with our move, I’ve had the chance to take a step back and re-assess my business and where I saw it going in the future.  I did not feel, with the added distance (and many added costs associated with the added distance!), that I would be able to continue to accept new bookings in Virginia without having to increase my fees significantly.  All of those additional charges would go only towards covering added costs, and would in no way increase profitability, which is not ideal for business growth.  And I was not prepared to start fresh with my business in a totally new area, nor to have a gap in income in the time it would take to market/promote/grow my business there for future work.

So with our move come many changes and transitions!  And although this has been such a difficult decision, I am totally at peace with my choices and excited for what the future will bring.

I am thrilled to share the news that I’ve accepted a position with The Cisco Center in Severna Park, MD.  I will be working with young children with special needs beginning tomorrow.  This is work I enjoyed as a volunteer (at a similar school in North Carolina) during college, but hadn’t had the opportunity to pursue again until now.  I am really looking forward to everything about this opportunity!  I will undoubtedly be challenged every day to find new and creative ways to help these children embrace their full potential, but with those challenges comes great satisfaction when you see the kids achieving their goals.  This is something I remember from my time volunteering in college.  It’s very fulfilling work, and I’m happy to be moving on to another job that I know I will enjoy in so many ways, just as I have with my photography business the past few years.

Finally, I want to sincerely thank all of my past clients.  I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you for your business.  You helped make my dream a reality, and without you, this decision would not have been as difficult to make.  I truly do cherish the time we spent working together and I hope that you will all stay in touch.  If you are in need of a photographer in the future, I am happy to provide you with a couple fantastic options.

I wish you all the very best in 2013 and beyond!

Thank you again so much for your business and support over the past few years,


Abigail Christine

Oh how I love newborn sessions!!  Remember this beautiful family from their maternity session a few months back?  Well, Abby arrived right before Thanksgiving and I had the pleasure of meeting her the following week.  Katie really went all out with Abby’s nursery – it was a DREAM location to photograph them all in!

Abby is a little doll.  I absolutely loved all of her expressions throughout the session.  And as always, I loved capturing how much this sweet little girl is adored by her parents.  Enjoy some of my favorites below!

Katie had some great ideas for incorporating some special items into the session (Adam’s VMI uniform and Army dog tags are pictured below).

Jessica & Kevin

As you all have probably realized, I don’t typically photograph engagement sessions because I am not a wedding photographer.  But I’ve known Kevin since college (he and my husband, Chris, even rented a house together after college in Arlington for a while) and he apparently only agreed to an engagement session if he knew the photographer (and if he could include his car in some of the shots)!  So I lucked out in photographing this beautiful couple earlier this month.  We got a gorgeous day for it, too, which is lucky in December!  I hadn’t met Jessica until just before the session, but I’m so glad we had this excuse to finally meet.  They are an adorable couple, very playful and loving, and I had a lot of fun with them (and their sweet puppy, Scout, too!).  Congratulations, Jessica and Kevin!!!

Ben, A Year Later!

One of my favorite things about my photography career has been watching babies grow up into little kids as clients return for multiple sessions throughout the first year.  You first saw Ben when he was just 10 days old, and then again at 7 months this past spring.  I loved capturing another major growing milestone during his one year session this past fall:  walking!  He loved walking to his mama and was thoroughly entertained by both Stephen and Maryam throughout the session – I really enjoy watching parents entertain their kids and vice versa.  So much love!  Happy birthday, Ben, and congratulations, Maryam and Stephen, on one year!

Side note — we went to Meadowlark Botantical Gardens for this session.  While we were there (back in October), they were setting up for their Winter Walk of Lights, which is running through January 6th.  I checked it out with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law last weekend and it was a lot of fun!  A great winter/holiday activity and family friendly!  Also, the park is gorgeous and if you miss the Winter Walk of Lights, you should still check it out another time. :)

Pamela - January 13, 2013 - 9:14 pm

An adorable little dumpling! Love these fall pictures — he is so animated in every photo!

South Africa 2012

My husband and I celebrated an early five year anniversary by visiting South Africa, another wish-list travel destination!  I would go back tomorrow if I had the chance!  I can’t express how much we loved this country, its gorgeous landscapes, beautiful wildlife, friendly people, and delicious food!  Click here to see my full photo gallery of favorite images from the trip – this one below is just a teaser of South Africa’s national animal, the springbok!  Enjoy!